Mobile Patrol

Foot or vehicle patrols provide a presence of authority and address external and internal security for all properties.

Patrol Services On-Demand

For property security, there is no replacement for the physical presence of in-person security guards. That is why we provide professionally trained and licensed uniformed or undercover security guards to patrol the perimeter of your property. We service a broad range of property types, including multi-tenant buildings, commercial properties, construction sites, office buildings, condos, apartment buildings, public events and more.

Mobile Patrol Benefits

Our clients have access to highly trained security guards and patrol guards who protect and enforce security measures surrounding the property to the utmost standard. This includes alarm response mobile personnel who perform comprehensive checks and concierge service.

Here a few of the services our guards provide:

  • Protection – detain, restrain of people and equipment within your property
  • Regulation enforcement
  • Monitoring of suspicious activity
  • Ensure authorized access and parking enforcement
  • Prevention of vandalism, theft or suspicious behaviours
  • Checking of locks, doors, alarms, timers and complementary equipment
  • Access Control – to screen visitors as they enter and exit accordingly

Residential / Condominium

On-Site Presence

We provide a visible, on-site, and in-person security staff for your residence. Every residence has its own security challenges, ranging from tenant disputes to noise complaints, parking issues and everything in between. The Guardium Security staff are trained to de-escalate conflict, anticipate dangerous situations and ensure a reliable security presence exists to help protect your property and home.  

Are you a property manager or board member? Find out if Guardium Security is right for you.

Benefits of Residential Security Services

There’s a comfort that comes from knowing your investment is protected. It’s our job to bring you that peace of mind, and do it right. Here are a few reasons how:

  • Your home is kept safe
  • Uninterrupted lifestyle
  • Low-cost safety solution
  • Deter petty criminals
  • Monitor against loitering 
  • Safe space created for families
  • Customized security needs

Public / Private Event

Ensure the safety of the guests at your special event – weddings, private functions, community events, etc.

Enforcement Emphasis

Whatever your social gathering, it is our duty to ensure the safety of your guests. We will work with you to identify the needs of your particular event and devise a customized security strategy. Our trained staff have experience in a variety of events, including:

  • Weddings
  • Private functions
  • Community events
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Fundraising events

Event Service Benefits

Planning an event is stressful enough. Worrying about the safety of your guests shouldn’t interfere with your plans. You can lean on us to provide an enhanced sense of security and comfort for your event execution. Here are the reasons why:

  • Enforce guest list
  • Crowd management
  • Uphold venue requirements
  • Monitor suspicious activity
  • Licensed and experienced staff

Tell us about your event and we’ll work together to create a customized security strategy for your peace of mind.

Commercial / Industrial

Commercial Security Benefits

The importance of commencing reliable security measures for any business cannot be understated. We take this responsibility very seriously and work to enforce a standard of excellence. The goal is your peace of mind. Here’s how:

  • On-site patrol, all hours (Up to 24 hours a day/7 days a week if required)
  • Loitering prevention
  • Upholding Alberta’s “Trespass to Property Act”
  • Fast response time, customized to client needs
  • Access coordination and enforcement
  • Assisting office community
  • Implementation of Fire Safety Plan
  • Site surveillance and monitoring
  • Threat assessment
  • Licensed Professionals

Industrial Site Security Benefits

A safe workspace is important for any industry. Having on-site security guard(s) ensures you and your employees have a safe, productive space. We work with you in a variety of ways to protect your staff, property and assets. Here’s how:

  • On-site patrol, all hours (Up to 24 hours a day/7 days a week if required)
  • Loitering prevention
  • Upholding Alberta’s “Trespass to Property Act”
  • Fast response time
  • Site surveillance and monitoring
  • Licensed Professionals

Loss Prevention

Boosted Prevention Measures

Loss prevention is a valuable and necessary security service to any business. People steal, scam, become disgruntled and get injured in retail spaces, commercial property and countless types of workplaces. Guardium Security has built a reputation for training and providing sought after Loss Prevention Officers (LPO). Our officers are trained extensively to problem solve specific loss prevention scenarios with best-practices. Our training is what sets us apart.

Loss Prevention Benefits

Part of the services we offer our clients is the ability to assess threats, both internal and external. We know loss can occur in many ways, and it hurts a business every single time. Here are some of the advantages to having an LPO on your security program:

  • Risk identification not associated with shrink
  • Non-violent methods to approach disgruntled clients and employees
  • Situational de-escalation
  • Shrink mitigation
  • Liability and injury prevention

Construction Site

Properly Secured Property

Simply put, a construction site is a detail-oriented project. That said, there are moments when ‘organized chaos’ is the norm, and it’s our job to ensure your site is secure in all situations. We provide on-site security to surveille property, mitigate disputes and ensure access monitoring.

Construction Site Security Benefits

Construction job sites are clear targets for the theft and vandalism of tools, equipment and the property itself. Our construction site security guards bring the knowledge and real-world experience that can keep your assets safe. Our primary goal is to remove our clients’ headaches that stem from repair, replacement and lack of site security. Here’s how:

  • On-site patrol, all hours (Up to 24 hours a day/7 days a week if required)
  • Loitering prevention
  • Upholding Alberta’s “Trespass to Property Act”
  • Fast response time
  • Site surveillance and monitoring
  • Traffic Control
  • Licensed Professionals

Digital Surveillance

Protect your property remotely with state-of-the-art CCTV camera surveillance. Installation, monitoring and response.

An Added Level of Security

Having a clear, inclusive view is yet another tool for enhanced security. Guardium Security specializes in video surveillance security or closed-circuit television (CCTV). We provide a full spectrum of services, from installation to monitoring support, with turn-key security solutions for residential, retail and commercial surveillance applications. By meshing state-of-the-art technology with highly trained security professionals, your security program will add another layer of certainty and modernity.

Digital Surveillance Benefits

Guardium Security will first survey the property, design an end-to-end security system, provide seamless installation, and post-installation technical service support. Here are a few reasons why these services add valuable for you:

  • Security video surveillance (CCTV)
  • Added reassurance of security cameras
  • IP video surveillance systems
  • Live video monitoring of assets
  • Monitoring and response centre
  • Access control
  • Fire and intrusion alarm monitoring

Customized Digital Surveillance

Have you been considering adding a digital surveillance service to your security program? Combining digital surveillance with another security service creates top tier security for your assets. Tell us more about the level of security that you’re interested in and we will accommodate and design a customized security solution specifically for your needs. Connect with a security specialist today.