Keeping Your Building and Everyone In It Safe

Keep your building safe by having an on-site security presence to provide access to authorized building personnel while maintaining a watch for threats. Our guards are licensed and highly trained to de-escalate and resolve issues effectively and quickly, whether they involve tenants, management, or the public.

Office Building Security Benefits

Keep your office building safe and secure from any physical threats to the property and keep everyone in it – employees, visitors, staff, etc. safe, while providing access of varying levels (ex. private access, restricted access, etc.) to the right personnel when required. Below are some of the benefits of hiring our team:

  • On-site patrol (24 hours a day/7 days a week if required)
  • Loitering prevention
  • Upholding Ontario’s “Trespass to Property Act”
  • Life safety systems inspection
  • Access coordination and enforcement
  • Assisting office community
  • Implementation of Fire Safety Plan
  • Adherence to Ontario Fire Code
  • Site surveillance and monitoring
  • Threat assessment

Customized Office Security

Interested in speaking with an expert to create a customized security plan that fits the specific needs of your building? Complete the Free Quote form and a Flex Point Security expert will be in touch shortly to discuss how we could design an end-to-end security strategy.

Office Building Security Features

A safe workspace is important for any industry. Having on-site security guard(s) ensures you and your employees have a safe, productive space. We work with you in a variety of ways to protect your staff, property and assets. In addition to the benefits of our office security, here some some reasons we stand out:

  • 24 hours / 7 days a weeks monitoring of all activity both inside and outside of the building
  • Specialize in the installation of digital surveillance protection – video surveillance / CCTV
  • Licenced professionals
  • Emergency / fire watch guards highly trained for all types of emergencies